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  • “Shoe Box”-style plastic boxes. Nicer ones from Home Depot or even dollar store ones. We're not picky. If we had 20 of these show up, I'm sure we'd find a use for at least 20 more. We have plenty of these at the moment.
  • IEC power cables? Our stash is getting a little low…

Next Makerspace Maintenance Punch List **(10/19)**

  • Clear off main two tables, and refresh the paper tops (DO FIRST)
  • Take garbage to dumpster (DO SECOND)
  • Improved shelving around the back of the space? - we have some pieces of 2×10 that might be useful for this…
    • Re-work back wall in general - move speakers to corners for better separation(?) and to free up space there.
  • the i3 needs its BuildTak replaced. We have it, just need to do it…
  • Deep cleaning & organizing at the Electronics Station
  • Paint Marker an “MA” on tools that don't have it, so that they're easier to identify
  • Reorganize green tool shelf - re-optimize cubbies to make more sense
    • Set aside two cubbies for measuring tools
    • Re-label new cubbies by use
  • Finding things:
    • The bin of USB Micro/C/Lightning cables
    • The Ryobi Multitool body - we have a head for it now, but the body is AWOL
    • Pen turning stock
    • Chain & combination lock
  • Go through the Pallet Racks a little bit - clean up/consolidate where possible
    • Assuming some space is freed up here, move some extraneous things into it as “deep storage” (i.e. all but one of the totes of “wire bundles”, etc.)
  • A general going-through of the shelves:
    • Consolidate things that need to be consolidated
    • Purge things that need to be purged
    • label things that need to be labeled
  • Label cabinets in the Shop Zone based on what's inside each door
  • disc/strip sander needs a new sanding belt (1×30?) - belts purchased, just need to install…
    • Turns out it's 1×42“. Ross may have some, or we can order more.
  • Build a little stand for the Monoprice SLA Printer, such that the UV Curing Lamp sits under it (with a little extra space for curing taller parts.
    • Bonus - add a translucent acrylic window on hinges to cover the lamp area - the laser cutter should be able to handle that size…
    • Double bonus - fix the SLA printer vat…
  • Take apart the Hot air station and see if the pump can be repaired or replaced.
    • Good news - pump does work if “AIR” pot is turned all the way up. Errant pot looks like a 500k…

General Space Infrastructure

  • General cleanup (i.e. the kind of thing that should happen frequently- every week or three…)
    • Empty garbage into dumpster (all of the cans, so we can fill them up again)
    • Tidy all workbench surfaces
    • Shelf organization/labeling
      • Keep generally similar things together. If something's in the wrong place, get it to the right (or at least a right-er) place.
      • Contain loose things into containers where possible
      • LABEL BOXES/CONTAINERS/SHELVES: just use a piece of masking tape & a Sharpie.
  • literally work on anything on the fixme list
  • Use the Vinyl Cutter to make a magnetic sign for the outside door.
  • Sort bins of random stuff into where the random stuff actually goes
  • Improved lighting?
  • Improved doors with hinges for the pallet racks? (4×8 sheets of plywood, maybe with some edging so they don't flop apart?)

Shop Zone

  • Tool organization - any improvements are welcome!
  • Electrical wiring for the “new” 220V stick welder (convert its plug to something better? L6-30? - check with John K.?)
  • Build a nice table add-on/fence for the Enco Drill Press?
  • Measure T-slot nuts for the Enco Drill Press. See of additional ones are available, or maybe make some.
  • Implement Dust Collection Station?

"Hardware" Wall

  • Fastener Organization & labeling

Electronics/Digital Zone (general)

  • Install a set of standardized tools onto laptops
    • Arduino IDE
    • Cura
    • SignBlazer Elements (it's effectively free, but not a good as VinylMaster…)
    • Pronterface (handy-er for debugging DIY printers than Cura?)
    • Inkscape (useful for designing stuff for the vinyl cutter)
    • Salae Logic
    • K40 Whisperer
    • bCNC?
    • The Easel Connector for CNCing from the web browser
    • Other software?
    • Maybe first get all of these installers onto a USB stick, so they can be done all at once.

Computers/Digital Fabrication

  • DesignJet printer really needs a dust cover, since it gets completely clogged up with dust and debris when not in use. (would still be nice, but less critical now?)
  • Complete RepRap Snappy
  • Make some kind of filament storage solution? (clear plastic tote w/holes & gaskets, and a bunch of color-changing silica gel??)
  • Figure out steps needed to make the K40 Laser Engraver chooch safely & reasonably
    • Move the surge strip powering that stuff to the front of the cart.
    • Add an Emergency stop?
    • Figure out water pump/alarm stuff (short version: water pump is running, but flow alarm is triggering? need better pump? replace alarm? right now alarm is shorted out in order to test functionality…)
    • Add air assist air assist was kind of a bust - it's loud, the hose got in the way, didn't help all that much, and then the air nozzle got burned up…


  • Organize components better?
  • Organize electronics tools better - electronics bench is a good start at this…
  • Figure out power supply pinout for prototyping station. - We have a picture of the pinout. Fabricobble a replacement or otherwise find one.

AV Stuff

  • Figure out condition of donated microphones - parts needed? parts available?

This Wiki

  • Update entries that need updating
  • Delete entries that need to be deleted
  • Add entries that need to be added (use the Tool Submission Form for Equipment)
  • Add photos to Equipment entries? (Good for a first timer!)
  • Add/Update instructions for Equipment entries


  • Alphabetize waivers? Seems like a good idea in case someone can't remember if they did one or not?


  • Inventory First Aid supplies. Make list of recommended additions and/or replacements for anything missing.
    • There are OSHA guidelines for what should be in one for various group sizes.
  • Repair the rolling cart - I kind of tried epoxy but it didn't seem to work. Weld? Bolt?

Long Term/Not any time soon

  • More/better shelving?
    • More improved use of vertical space? (not sure how to accomplish this without stairs/ladders)
    • Any new shelving project should have a budget, rough drawing, and an explanation of where it will go…
  • Build a wheeled cart for the Casting Furnace?
    • We'd need cast iron/steel casters. We should have sufficient steel tubing?
    • Priority: low
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