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Monoprice SLA Printer

Name Monoprice SLA Printer
Owner Makers' Alliance
Location Storage
Training needed Yes
Hackable Yes
Model MP Mini SLA
Arrival Date UNKNOWN
Working No
Contact Sam Harmon

Current Status: Broken

  • Somehow the Z axis is bound up. Suspect resin may have gotten into the stepper motor?
  • resin tank has developed a leak again. Will need to be replaced if the printer is rehabbed to be operational again.


  • DO NOT SCRAPE THE FEP SHEET AT THE BOTTOM OF THE TANK. Otherwise we'll have to order a new one and carefully replace it.
  • Just use clear resin. Our one experiment with opaque resin ended poorly.
  • Try not to leave the lid up too much, it exposes the resin and kinda smells bad.


  • If logged into MakerNet, go to the IP address listed on the printer. The slicer is a web interface.
  • Use the slicer to render your .STL into an animated .gif.
    • Try not to have an empty void with no way for resin to drain on the underside of your object relative to the build plate. It can get messy.
    • Once you render your .gif, I suggest downloading it to your local computer, renaming it, and re-uploading it to the web interface (stupid, but it works)
    • Check the printer for any forgotten prints on the build plate and make sure there is sufficient resin in the tank.
    • SUPER IMPORTANT: When printing, be sure to specify a profile. The “Clear Resin” one in pretty reliable. Not specifying a profile gets you your first layer and that's about it.
  • Once the print is done, open the lid and pull off the magnetic build plate.
  • Carefully remove your print from the build plate.
  • Wash your print: place it in a mason jar half full of 91% isopropyl alcohol. Give it a good shake for a minute or so to get extraneous resin off the print.
  • Cure the print: Either place it in the UV curing station and run it twice (each cycle is about 30 minutes), or if it's a nice sunny day you can take it outside and expose it to the sun for an hour or so.
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