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Monoprice SLA Printer

Name Monoprice SLA Printer
Owner Makers' Alliance
Location Digital/Electronics
Training needed Yes
Hackable No
Model MP Mini SLA
Arrival Date UNKNOWN
Working Yes
Contact Sam Harmon

Current Status: Fully Functional


  • DO NOT SCRAPE THE FEP SHEET AT THE BOTTOM OF THE TANK. Otherwise we'll have to order a new one and carefully replace it.
  • Just use clear resin. Our one experiment with opaque resin ended poorly.
  • Try not to leave the lid up too much, it exposes the resin and kinda smells bad.


  • If logged into MakerNet, go to the IP address listed on the printer. The slicer is a web interface.
  • Use the slicer to render your .STL into an animated .gif.
    • Try not to have an empty void with no way for resin to drain on the underside of your object relative to the build plate. It can get messy.
    • Once you render your .gif, I suggest downloading it to your local computer, renaming it, and re-uploading it to the web interface (stupid, but it works)
    • Check the printer for any forgotten prints on the build plate and make sure there is sufficient resin in the tank.
    • SUPER IMPORTANT: When printing, be sure to specify a profile. The “Clear Resin” one in pretty reliable. Not specifying a profile gets you your first layer and that's about it.
  • Once the print is done, open the lid and pull off the magnetic build plate.
  • Carefully remove your print from the build plate.
  • Wash your print: place it in a mason jar half full of 91% isopropyl alcohol. Give it a good shake for a minute or so to get extraneous resin off the print.
  • Cure the print: Either place it in the UV curing station and run it twice (each cycle is about 30 minutes), or if it's a nice sunny day you can take it outside and expose it to the sun for an hour or so.
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