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Vinyl Cutter

Name Vinyl Cutter
Owner Makers' Alliance
Location Fabrication Zone
Training needed Yes
Hackable No
Model USCutter MH-721 Mk2
Arrival Date 11/18/2017
Working Yes

Current Status: Fully Functional

How to use: i3 has some details on their wiki that might be helpful:

The original Windows software that came with it should be on the Windows workstation.

We've had some limited success using InkCut on the Linux workstation, while using a USB to serial adapter and the 9-pin serial cable that came with the cutter. We'll get it added to the OS's launcher (and add the Inkcut plugin for Inkscape), but in the meantime “python3 -m inkcut” will get you started. You'll want to design your thing-to-cut in Inkscape and make sure to convert the objects to paths before saving it and then loading it in Inkcut.

I attempted using Inkcut on my old Macbook Pro, but the cutter setup dialog wanted to be taller than my display's height, so I could never save the cutter config.

We keep a limited amount of vinyl on hand (currently: white, black, and a special sandblast resist). If you need something specific (certain color, heat transfer vinyl, etc.), you can source material at the following places:

  • USCutter
  • the usual online suspects (ebay, etc.)
  • Jo-Ann (retail)
  • Michael's (retail)

Retail stores typically just have 12“ rolls/sheets. If you want 24” material you'll probably have to go online.

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