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Enco Drill Press

Name Enco Drill Press
Owner Makers' Alliance
Location Shop Area
Training needed yes
Hackable no
Model Model Number
Serial Serial Number
Arrival Date December 2015
Working yes
Contact Sam Harmon

In December 2015, we acquired an Enco Drill Press from HGR.

Current Status: Functional, but see below


  • Chuck - 5/8“ JT3
  • Quill feed: 5”?
  • Belt - 13mm x 1132mm seems to be the closest measurement (SPA1132)

Work Needed:

  • Needs additional feed lever arms (has one, currently)
    • These are curious. The existing one is something ever so slightly smaller than 1/2“ (12mm?), but testing a 1/2” bolt in some of the holes seemed to be a good fit, so we should be able to fabricate or find acceptable replacements.
    • Suggestion: get a few feet of 1/2“ steel rod and thread one end for 1/2”, and figure out something for the knobs.
    • simpler solution - get a few feet of 1/2“ threaded rod and get 1/2” threaded knobs ($3 each from McMaster or Grainger)
  • Place & bolt back onto stand DONE! one bolt seems a bit crooked. Should fix sometime.

Future work that could be done:

  • Set up depth stop/gauge mechanism?
    • See the second half of this video for an example of what I'm thinking of
    • Find the measurements of the spindle where it would attach, approximate distance to where the depth stop would go, and diameter of the depth stop hole.
    • Start with a wooden “proof of concept before making it in aluminum?
    • Cut out hole with hole saw/CNC/whatever
    • drill holes to 1/4-20 tap diameter (#7, IIRC) or smaller if necessary, cut in half, tap one half and bore the other?
    • use transfer punch to mark where to drill for threaded rod
    • Grizzly sell a variety of threaded “stop collars” that would be a massive improvement over nuts on threaded rod, but only available in a handful of sizes (one kind in 3/8” (called a Quill Stop), and the other in 3/8“, 1/2”, 8mm, and 10mm (Threaded Stop Collars))
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