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 ^Serial| -| ^Serial| -|
 ^Arrival Date| 6/1/2021| ^Arrival Date| 6/1/2021|
-^Working| No|+^Working| Yes|
 ^Contact| Makers' Alliance| ^Contact| Makers' Alliance|
 Current Status: Needs Calibration Current Status: Needs Calibration
-Updated the stock firmware to [[|Repetier 0.92]], so it no longer needs chipped filament. We've tested moving the axes around and heated up the bed/extruder and those seem fine.+Updated the stock firmware to [[|Repetier 0.92]], so it no longer needs chipped filament (Yay!)
-Talks to Repetier-Host on my laptop, but not Cura?+Now part of the [[Octoprint]] farm http://octoprint.local:8084
-Next steps are to manually level the bed, attempt a print, and then hook it into our [[Octoprint]] setup.+For your Cura Profiles: 
 +Start Gcode: 
 +End Gcode: 
 +M104 S0 
 +M140 S0 
 +G1 F150 
 +G1 Z10 
 +G28 X0 
 +G28 Y0 
 +Build Envelope is 200x200x200. Gcode Flavor is Repetier. 
 +Also note that the build platform is a little backwards compared to the other printers- the origin is the back left of the print bed, so prints will be "mirrored" relative to where you put them in Cura.
 {{tag>[needs_maintenance needs_calibration   ]}} {{tag>[needs_maintenance needs_calibration   ]}}
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