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This just covers the basic assembly. If you're putting this in another enclosure, you're on your own…

  • Resistors - This kit uses 1% tolerance resistors (blue body, brown tolerance band), and are kind of different than the usual 5% resistors you see
    • 470 ohm (yellow-violet black brown brown)
    • 2.2 Kohm (red-red- black…)
    • 1 k (3) (brown-black black …)
  • Diodes - 1n4001 (black w/silver stripe), and 1N4148 (glass body, w/black stripe)
  • IC sockets - one is 16 pin, one is 14 pin. Note the orientation, and don't put the 14 pin one in the 16 pin holes…
  • LED - flat side on the silkscreen corresponds to the short leg of the LED (or flat side of the LED)
  • DC input jack - solder in one pin first and re-align if necessary. Solder in remaining pins
  • RCA jacks
  • Pots - B0502 (5k x2) B0503 (50K) B0102 (1k x2)
  • Standoff “feet”
  • Insert ICs (LM339 (14 pin), 4040 (16 pin)
  • Apply power (6-12V, tip positive) - we tested varying power supplies, and got good performance down to 6V. At 4.5V, some color detail was lost. We didn't attempt to try lower power settings or a “starve” circuit.
  • Hook up your input & output and you're done! Have fun vidiffekting!
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