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Shopsmith Mark V

Name Shopsmith Mark V
Owner Makers' Alliance
Location Shop Zone
Training needed yes
Hackable no
Model Mark V
Arrival Date 2014
Working yes
Contact Sam Harmon

Current Status: Partially functional. Speed changing is complicated at the moment. Needs a new dial.

An original Shopsmith Mark V (1955-1962? Vintage), with Bandsaw and Beltsander, Table saw, Scroll saw, and other tooling.

Functions tested and working:

  • Belt sander
  • Bandsaw
  • Disc Sander

Functions of unknown usability:

  • Wood Lathe
    • Would need a faceplate ($25-35, depending on size) and MT2 tailstock center ($20-40 from shopsmith, or probably less on ebay). Other options would be a chuck or spur center.
    • We have a couple of MT2 live centers for the tailstock.
  • Table saw
    • We have a number of (old, rusty, scary) blades. I have not seen a table saw arbor anywhere in the box of shopsmith accessories we have (a new one will be $31.99)
    • Quite frankly, it's not really worth using the table saw on this- we have two other table saws that are probably better.
  • Drill Press/horzintal boring
    • We do have the drill chuck & key. untested.
    • Using a a drill press is probably a pain compared to using one of the other drill presses at the space due to the setup involved. However, if you need to horizontally bore something big, this may be a good method to do so.
  • Scroll saw
    • This has leaked an enormous amount of oil. ???
    • We have another scroll saw.


  • Beltsander belts are 6“x 48” - have a couple from Harbor Freight.
  • Bandsaw blades are 72“. We have one spare in the packaging currently.
  • Disc sander is 12”
  • There are two belts, actually- the drive belt(regular V-belt) and a second belt that is a Gilmer (this machine is pre-1962). Replacement sets of two belts can be ebayed.
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