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Sand Blaster

Name Sand Blaster
Owner Makers' Alliance
Location Shop Zone
Training needed yes
Hackable no
Arrival Date 2013
Working yes
Contact Ian

Current Status: Mostly Functional

This is a Harbor Freight sand/media blaster. As of Fall 2015, it's now mounted onto its own rolling bench with built-in compressor. It has been used for such purposes as removing paint and etching glass.

Usage: Due to noise issues, it's probably best to roll the cart out either outside (weather permitting) or at least out of the space proper. One should also not run the compressor full bore for too long. Originally, a vacuum hose attachment was being used, but actually clogs up the vacuum.

To-Do List

  • remove the lamp fixture (it gets clogged with grit and is effectively useless), and replace with a cheap battery-powered LED taplight (and consider its replacement an expense of using it)
  • A new window would be nice. We do have a bunch of polycarbonate sheet on hand to do this…
  • New gloves should be done (should be 7“ x 24”)
  • There's a vague plan afoot to add a pneumatic vibrator underneath with some mechanism to actuate it to pull the sand into the feeder. pneumatic vibrator has been acquired, but would need some kind of splitting manifold, and a button valve to activate it.
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