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   *PowerSpec i3:[[http://octoprint.local:8082|octoprint.local:8082]]   *PowerSpec i3:[[http://octoprint.local:8082|octoprint.local:8082]]
   *Monoprice MP Select Mini: [[http://octoprint.local:8083|octoprint.local:8083]]   *Monoprice MP Select Mini: [[http://octoprint.local:8083|octoprint.local:8083]]
 +  *XYZ DaVinci 1.0 [[http://octoprint.local:8084|octoprint.local:8084]]
-   +Adding a new printer: 
 +The easiest way is probably to duplicate an existing printer's Docker setup (they're all in /root/) and edit the docker-compose.yml to taste: 
 +  *Set your port to map to port 80 
 +  *under devices, map your serial port 
 +  *(and webcam, if you have one) 
 +  *set your volumes, so the instance has persistent storage - we're keeping them all in /fs1 
 +  *docker-compose up -d 
 +Using udev to map the serial port to a persistent name: 
 +  *edit 99-usb.rules 
 +Also in the works, but not complete yet: 
 +  * working on setting up MJPEGStreamer with a Wyze camera (in wired webcam mode) to view prints in progress...
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