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We've set up a fairly intricate Octoprint installation to handle sending to our 3(so far) configured printers. Each Octoprint instance lives in a Docker container on a Debian Linux server. There's some special plumbing in place to allow access to each printer (and eventually camera?) via USB uniquely.

(add full details of how this is set up and administered….)

Links to the instances (only usable on MakerNet):

Adding a new printer: The easiest way is probably to duplicate an existing printer's Docker setup (they're all in /root/) and edit the docker-compose.yml to taste:

  • Set your port to map to port 80
  • under devices, map your serial port
  • (and webcam, if you have one)
  • set your volumes, so the instance has persistent storage - we're keeping them all in /fs1
  • docker-compose up -d

Using udev to map the serial port to a persistent name:

  • edit 99-usb.rules

Also in the works, but not complete yet:

  • working on setting up MJPEGStreamer with a Wyze camera (in wired webcam mode) to view prints in progress…
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