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This is more of a workshop concept on generalized Maker skills. Other classes may be a part of it, or this may be split over several classes (i.e. the Arduino class covers several parts)

Things that could be part of it:

  • Soldering
    • Through-hole PCB
    • wire tinning/joining
    • De-soldering techniques
      • Pump
      • Braid
    • heavy gauge materials/soldering gun use (advanced?)
    • Surface-mount parts (advanced)
  • Arduino
    • Loading a program onto the board
    • Modifying a program
  • 3D Printing
    • Slicing an STL file and running it on the printer
  • Hand Tools (multi-material)
  • Power Tools (multi-material)
    • Shop Safety
    • Drills (hand drills and drill press)
    • Saws
      • Miter Saw
  • Woodworking
    • Shop Safety
    • Wood Lathe (advanced)
    • Wood finishing (advanced?)
  • Metalworking
    • Shop Safety
    • Metal Lathe (advanced)
    • Welding (advanced, done outdoors or offsite)
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