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This is not a formal proposal, at this point just a collection of possible ideas and whatnot.


  • Unless a big corporate sponsor is making us a donation or *really* good deal, I'd venture the most we could realistically afford is in the 40W range.
  • What will the SHFD think?

Possible lasers

  • eBay “K40” style laser
    • Pro: Cheap ($4-500?)
    • Con: Windows-software only (in stock configuration, anyway)
    • Pro: Upgradeable over time (replace electronics w/SmoothieBoard, other improvements)
  • GlowForge
    • Con: Kinda pricy (3-6000)
  • Epilog
    • Con: Expensive ($12K?)
    • Pro: Really nice
    • Pro: Industry Standard
  • Full Spectrum Laser
    • Con: Kinda expensive ($3500+)
  • LightObject
    • Con: Slightly expensive ($3000+)
  • LaserSaur
    • Con: DIY
    • Con: Somewhat expensive (on the order of $6-7K)
    • Pro: actually 100W, rather than 40
    • Con: DIY
  • G Weike
  • Random used find
    • Con: Used (tube could be just about dead)
    • Con:
    • Pro: Could be a really good deal
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