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HP 5036A Microprocessor Lab

Name HP 5036A Microprocessor Lab
Owner Makers' Alliance
Location Electronics
Training needed No
Hackable Yes
Model Hewlett-Packard
Serial N/A
Arrival Date 5/24/2022
Working Yes
Contact Sam Harmon

Current Status: Fully Functional

We received eight of these microprocessor trainers on 5/24/2022.

Unfortunately, they did not include any copies of the companion book (“Practical Microprocessors”) or the Service Manual. They are still potentially useful as technology demonstrators (i.e. “hey, you soldered a badge- this is what can happen if you scale up from there”)

We did find the assembler code for the ROM, which is helpful for running the ROM demo programs.

  1. 04D7 - Echo - display input switches to output LEDs
  2. 04E0 - AND Gate Program (lights LED if all input switches are ON)
  3. 04F8 - Conveyor Belt Controller
  4. 053E - Well-Tempered Microprocessor (plays random tones) (tested successfully)
  5. 055A - Squirrel Feedback Shift Register Display
  6. 0599 - Organ (plays tones from keys)
  7. 05F9 - Rocket Blast Off (tested successfully)
  8. 0662 - Stopwatch
  9. 06C2 - Snake Paddle game (how does this work? keys or do you need some kind of paddle?)
  10. 07F0 - Lesson 3 Counter Program
  11. 0800 - Default Program Counter Location (I guess your own programs would start here?)

To run these programs, press RESET, FETCH ADRS, (enter the 4 character address), and RUN.


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