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Copy and paste the source code of the below page to make adding equipment a bit more structured and convenient.

Item Name (i.e. same as the page name, usually)

Name What the item is called
Owner who owns the item, i.e. “Makers' Alliance” or the actual owner
Location where the item is located
Training needed yes or no
Hackable yes or no
Model Model Number
Serial Serial Number
Arrival Date Date it was brought in
Working yes or no
Contact name of contact person

Current Status: (this can be a bit more detailed than the “working” field above- i.e. “fully functional”, “needs work”, “totally broken”, “scrapped”)

Some more details & documentation about the item. Feel free to elaborate

To-Do List

  • Unordered to-do list of actions needed to get the tool working better, if needed.

At the bottom, include tags indicating various properties of the equipment. current tags include:

  • needs_calibration - item works, but may be out of calibration
  • needs_maintenance - item works, but could use routine maintenance
  • needs_minor_repair - item works, but needs some small fixes
  • needs_major_repair - item doesn't work. needs major repair
  • needs_details - item's documentation table need more detail filled in

In the source below, just replace “templates” with a space-separated list of the tags you want.

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