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 Future work that could be done: Future work that could be done:
   *Set up depth stop/gauge mechanism?   *Set up depth stop/gauge mechanism?
 +    * See the second half of [[|this video]] for an example of what I'm thinking of
 +    * Find the measurements of the spindle where it would attach, approximate distance to where the depth stop would go, and diameter of the depth stop hole.
 +    * Start with a wooden "proof of concept before making it in aluminum?
 +    * Cut out hole with hole saw/CNC/whatever
 +    * drill holes to 1/4-20 tap diameter (#7, IIRC), cut in half, tap one half and bore the other?
 +    * use transfer punch to mark where to drill for threaded rod
 +    * Grizzly sell a variety of threaded "stop collars" that would be a massive improvement over nuts on threaded rod, but only available in a handful of sizes (one kind in 3/8" (called a Quill Stop), and the other in 3/8", 1/2", 8mm, and 10mm (Threaded Stop Collars))
 {{tag>[needs_minor_repair needs_details]}} {{tag>[needs_minor_repair needs_details]}}
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