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Duplicator I3 PLUS 3D Printer

Name Duplicator I3 PLUS 3D Printer
Owner Makers' Alliance
Location 3D Printing
Training needed Yes
Hackable No
Model PowerSpec WanHao Duplicator I3 PLUS
Arrival Date UNKNOWN
Working Yes
Contact Sam Harmon

Current Status: Fully Functional

Current workhorse printer at the space.

Print area: 200x200x200 mm (approx)

Could maybe use a bed leveling.

The easiest way to use this is to generate your Gcode elsewhere (using Cura or other slicing software), copy the files to an SD card, and print via the printer's front panel.

Filament-wise, we've used PLA approximately 99% of the time on this one. We have done a little PETG, but never ABS or more exotic filaments

See the Monoprice MP Select Mini article for operation information- they're similar.


  • The hotend was upgraded to a Micro-Swiss all-metal hotend. The nozzle is “plated brass”, so extended amounts of glow in the dark filament may not be the best idea until we get an all-stainless or something else.
  • The extruder cooling fan failed and was replaced. However, the replacement is a 12V and apparently all the high-voltage stuff on this is 24V? The replacement is working, but I expect it to eventually fail. Need to get 24V fans sooner than later.

Slicer configuration:

  • For the most part, Cura's defaults are fine- set the size to 200x200x200 (or use their canned Prusa i3 profile)

*Nozzle diameter: 0.4 mm (this is actually the default, but noting it for now in case it changes in the future) *Enable Retraction

  • Retraction distance: .6mm

* Bed Temperature: 45

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