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First note - The CNC Plasma Cutter is not ours - it's Ingenuity's and the compressor is John K's. DON'T MESS WITH IT WITHOUT PERMISSION. This Documentation is for reference purposes/convenient to follow documentation.

Checklist for usage (DRAFT: NOT TOTALLY CONFIRMED)

  • Design your file in CAD/Inkscape/take your pick.
  • CAM up SVG or similar file in SheetCAM or the like.
  • Figure out feeds/speeds for your material
  • Save to a USB flash drive.
  • Power on stuff
    • Machine & computer
    • Compressor (check dryer & valve as well), Make sure it's at decent pressure, and check continually during a sizeable job
    • Plasma Cutter - set Amps appropriately for material
  • Situate material on plasma table. Make sure it won't get launched if the probe hits an edge, etc.
  • Copy files from USB to NGC files directory on Desktop
  • Run LinuxCNC/AXIS/whatever you wanna call it
  • Check Physical E-Stop/Virtual E-Stop/Machine Power.
  • Home axes - Home button
  • Drive to fairly close to material origin (arrow keys/page up & page down for Z)
  • Touch off to X/Y origin (hint: touch off Y first, then X. Saves you a click)
    • Pro-tip: clean up LinuxCNC screen mess with Ctrl-K.
  • Dry Run - Leave Plasma disabled (default) and run the program. Should drive around at safe height and make the moves it would do normally.
  • Satisfied with the dry run? Enable the plasma and go for it.
  • When finished, drive back close to (but not all the way) home. Make sure a scrap piece is under the business end of the plasma cutter (when the machine is de-energized the business end drops).
  • Shut down computer before powering down.
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