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Aka, “Son of Junior”

The intention is to build much bigger CNC router than we currently have.

Effective table area of approximately 40“ x 40” (probably a little less due to spindle width, etc.), Z-axis travel of about 4-5“?

Current Status: Some parts have been built, courtesy of Steve Gray. Parts should arrive at the space at the end of December 2018. Assembly to occur beginning in early 2019.

X-axis: 1/2” supported rails with cast blocks. Leadscrew motion.

Y-axis: 1/2“ supported rails with cast blocks. Twin Leadscrew motion.

Z-axis: 1/2” supported rails with cast blocks. Leadscrew motion.

Spindle: Makita or Grizzly laminate trimmer router. (measure diameter of Grizzly router to see if it will fit)

Frame: Welded square steel tubing? Wooden torsion box? Aluminum extrusions are probably prohibitively expensive.

Dust collection: will be tied into our dust collection system.


  • Motors: NEMA 23
  • Motor Drivers: TB6600 Gecko lookalikes
  • CNC electronics (grbl, BBB, etc.) - Current preferred mechanism is BeagleBone Black with Machinekit. A board for the BBB that splits out its pins to a pair of DB25 parallel ports has been purchased.

Project plan

  • X axis
    • what else needs to be done?
    • Turn down end of leadscrew
  • Y axis
    • Cut down rails to length if necessary?
    • attach rails to base
    • tap delrin nuts
    • cut leadscrews to length?
    • turn down leadscrews
  • Z axis
    • attach spindle mounts
    • attach to X axis
  • Table
    • figure out design
      • Torsion box
      • leveling casters?
    • Build the thing
  • Electronics
    • Wire up everything
    • Procure motors if needed?
  • Misc
    • Dust collection setup?
    • Vacuum hold-downs? (optional)
    • Clean up cast parts
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