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 Minimum Age: 12 and up (under 18 must have parent present) Minimum Age: 12 and up (under 18 must have parent present)
-Build the Atari Punk Console (AKA the Forest Mims "​Stepped Tone Generator"​). This electronic sound generator will make some crazy sounds ​using the 556 Dual Timer IC.+Cost: $20 (+Bring Your Own Enclosure - see below) 
 +This is a workshop to build a simple sound generator - the Atari Punk Console (originally designed as the "​Stepped Tone Generator" ​by Forrest M. Mims III in 1980, and re-christened the APC by Kaustic Machines with an additional line output in the mid-2000s). This device utilizes a dual 555 Timer-based analog circuit to make unusual ​sounds ​with square waves. 
 +This class is intended for beginners in electronics and soldering, as well as some basic hand & power tools (hand metal punch, drill press) 
 +Students must bring their own enclosure for their finished device- a 1.76oz (50g) curiously strong mint tin is most commonly used, but anything that size or larger should also work as long as it can be opened and drilled. 
 +No experience needed.
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