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Title: Build an Atari Punk Console

Class Size: 5

Cost: $20

Pre-requisites: Bring your own Altoids-sized mint tin or larger enclosure to house it

Minimum Age: 12 and up (under 18 must have parent present)

Cost: $20 (+Bring Your Own Enclosure - see below)

This is a workshop to build a simple sound generator - the Atari Punk Console (originally designed as the “Stepped Tone Generator” by Forrest M. Mims III in 1980, and re-christened the APC by Kaustic Machines with an additional line output in the mid-2000s). This device utilizes a dual 555 Timer-based analog circuit to make unusual sounds with square waves.

This class is intended for beginners in electronics and soldering, as well as some basic hand & power tools (hand metal punch, drill press)

Students must bring their own enclosure for their finished device- a 1.76oz (50g) curiously strong mint tin is most commonly used, but anything that size or larger should also work as long as it can be opened and drilled.

No experience needed.

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