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 +Our 3D Scanner began its life as an Arduino-based CiClop kit purchased from banggood or someplace like that sometime in late mid-late 2017.
 +It was assembled, but it was determined that the software for it was basically unusable. Combined with our move to IngenuityLabs,​ it was packed into a box and forgotten for a while.
 +Fast forward to the stay-at-home pandemic of 2020. The scanner was retrieved from its box, and converted into a PiClop scanner running FreeLSS.
 +Modifications from base CiClop:
 +  * Printed new camera base, and camera holder
 +    * Also had to make a quick & dirty M2.5 tap in order to attach the camera.
 +  * Replaced Arduino-based hardware with Raspberry Pi 4 (2 GB) and 3D Scanner Hat
 +  * Replaced Logitech USB camera with Raspberry Pi Camera (and an 18" camera cable)
 +  * Printed new laser mounts
 +  * Replaced threaded rod extending from old base to longer section appropriate for new base.
 +At this point, the scanner can produce an STL or .PLY that more-pr-less resembles the original object, but the object would not be directly printable from the scan.
 +-I suggest using just one laser right now. Results using two were not very good.
 +  * Point Web browser at makerscan.local
 +  * Calibration
 +    * If you need to calibrate, put the calibration object fairly centered on the table, in the "​Camera"​ section of the page, turn on the lasers and try to center them on the center of the calibration object.
 +    * Click on "​Calibrate lasers"​. It should then be able to auto-calibrate if you get the lines fairly close.
 +  * Adjust camera exposure, if necessary.
 +  * Place the item to be scanned on the turntable.
 +  * Click on "​Scan",​ and then "Start Scan".
 +  * For the 20-30 minutes it takes to run, try not to disturb it.
 +  * After it finishes, you should be able to download the STL and/or PLY files.
 + As of right now, Meshlab or Meshmixer have been determined to be capable of doing the sort of fixes necessary for post-processing scans. The proper method for doing so hasn't been determined yet...
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