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Our 3D Scanner began its life as an Arduino-based CiClop kit purchased from banggood or someplace like that sometime in late mid-late 2017.

It was assembled, but it was determined that the software for it was basically unusable. Combined with our move to IngenuityLabs, it was packed into a box and forgotten for a while.

Fast forward to the stay-at-home pandemic of 2020. The scanner was retrieved from its box, and converted into a PiClop scanner running FreeLSS.

Modifications from base CiClop:

  • Printed new camera base, and camera holder
    • Also had to make a quick & dirty M2.5 tap in order to attach the camera.
  • Replaced Arduino-based hardware with Raspberry Pi 4 (2 GB) and 3D Scanner Hat
  • Replaced Logitech USB camera with Raspberry Pi Camera (and an 18“ camera cable)
  • Printed new laser mounts
  • Replaced threaded rod extending from old base to longer section appropriate for new base.

At this point, the scanner can produce an STL or .PLY that more-pr-less resembles the original object, but the object would not be directly printable from the scan.

Caveats: -I suggest using just one laser right now. Results using two were not very good.


  • Point Web browser at makerscan.local
  • Calibration
    • If you need to calibrate, put the calibration object fairly centered on the table, in the “Camera” section of the page, turn on the lasers and try to center them on the center of the calibration object.
    • Click on “Calibrate lasers”. It should then be able to auto-calibrate if you get the lines fairly close.
  • Adjust camera exposure, if necessary.
  • Place the item to be scanned on the turntable.
  • Click on “Scan”, and then “Start Scan”.
  • For the 20-30 minutes it takes to run, try not to disturb it.
  • After it finishes, you should be able to download the STL and/or PLY files.

Post-processing As of right now, Meshlab or Meshmixer have been determined to be capable of doing the sort of fixes necessary for post-processing scans. The proper method for doing so hasn't been determined yet…

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