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 ^Serial| NA| ^Serial| NA|
 ^Arrival Date| 3/17/2018| ^Arrival Date| 3/17/2018|
-^Working| No|+^Working| Yes|
 ^Contact| Sam Harmon| ^Contact| Sam Harmon|
-Current Status: Still under construction (It's a K40...)+Current Status: Sort of operational (It's a K40...) 
 +  * Power output: 40 W (theoretically, anyway) 
 +  * Cutting area: Clamp area is a little less than 8"x4". 7" x 3.5 should easily fit inside 
 +  * Coolant: currently a mix of distilled water and RV antifreeze (3:1 ratio), a few drops of algicide, and a few drops of dish soap. 
 +  * Exhaust: Fume extraction via a BOFA AD-Access fume extractor/filter
 Fixes implemented: Fixes implemented:
   * Bad connection on the power inlet between the hot and fuse. Re-soldered.   * Bad connection on the power inlet between the hot and fuse. Re-soldered.
 +  * Jumpered water break detection since detector is seemingly NFG.
 +    * Test again with new coolant pump to make sure it wasn't just low flow?
 +    * Tested again. Maybe backwards? Maybe NFG.
 +Fix needed:
 +  * need to replace K+/K- cable. We should have a pile of the correct kind in the through-hole connector bin (hooked up to thermistors, but one can be sacrificed for this)
 +  * Figure out proper solution to water break sensor (a: try better pump? b: replace sensor?)
-Laser does work, though not yet from triggering on the front panel (or via Gcode)+Laser does work
-Software: I suggest [[|K40 Whisperer]], as the LaserDRW thing it came with is not so hot.+Software: I suggest [[|K40 Whisperer]], as the LaserDRW thing it came with is not so hot. [[|MeerK40t]] is also good, though has trouble parsing certain SVG files.
-Usage: It's not ready yet, so DON'T USE IT. That saidturn on the outside exhaust fan if you do eventually use it.+Usage: It's not ready for production jobs yet, so DON'T USE IT. We're getting there... 
 +  * How to format your SVG drawings for K40 Whisperer: 
 +  * Basic concept- using K40Wmove the head over the upper left hand part of your work. maybe use the "laser test" button to make sure you're actually over the work. and then choose whichever of your engrave/cut options (do engraves first, and cut last). 
 +  * Specialized documentation: [[HOWTO Inkscape for the Laser]]
 Safety considerations: Safety considerations:
 +  * NO ABS - Cyanide gas is bad for you!
 +  * NO PVC OR VINYL-BASED MATERIALS - Chlorine gas is bad for you!
 +  * Wood and Acrylic are OK. ATX Hackerspace has a recommended list of materials [[|here]]- don't consider it gospel just yet, but a series of recommendations.
 +Power levels:
 +  * Wood (engraving) - 8% does a fine job on the random wood pieces we've tested with.
 +  * wood (cutting) - 11% was sufficient to cut 3mm baltic birch plywood?
 +  * Acrylic - 25% was great for engraving, but slightly insufficient for cutting (the cut edges did snap off easily, though). 33-35% should be good for cutting at 10mm/s.
 Upgrades to consider in the near term: Upgrades to consider in the near term:
-  * Dedicated Raspberry Pi w/ K40 Whisperer? +  * Dedicated computer w/ K40 Whisperer? 
-  * Fire Extinguisher (this needs to happen before considered officially "in production") +  * <del>Fire Extinguisher</del> done 
-  * Air assist +  * Air assist (pump acquired, need to get tubing/fittings/etc.) 
-  * Fume Extraction ( +  <del>honeycomb base ( a good way to do it)</del> done 
-  * honeycomb base +  * <del>Thermometer & flow meter for cooling pump (i.e.</del> ordered 
-  * Thermometer & flow meter for cooling pump (i.e. +  *<del> improved chiller pump</del> done 
-  * improved chiller pump +  * <del>improved exhaust fan</del>? Fume extractor seems to be doing a good enough job? 
-  * improved exhaust fan?+  * Better coolant flow detector? The one it came with is either non-functional, or our pump isn't pumping hard enough. Flow meter definitely needed 
 +  * E-Stop button (do we have one on hand?) 
 +  * Smoke detector/CO detector nearby?
 Upgrades to consider eventually?: Upgrades to consider eventually?:
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