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-This is an HP DesignJet T770 24" inkjet plotter.+=====HP DesignJet T770 Inkjet Plotter=====
-Current Status: Fully Functional.+^Name| HP DesignJet T770| 
 +^Owner | Makers' Alliance | 
 +^Location | Electronics | 
 +^Training needed| yes| 
 +^Hackable| no| 
 +^Model| DesignJet T770| 
 +^Serial| Serial Number| 
 +^Arrival Date| 2012| 
 +^Working| yes| 
 +^Contact| Sam Harmon| 
 +Current Status: Fully Functional 
 +This is an HP DesignJet T770 24" inkjet plotter. Technically can print on sheet paper, but works about a million times better with 24" rolls.
 Usage cost: $1 per foot (members), $2 per foot (non-members). Usage cost: $1 per foot (members), $2 per foot (non-members).
 +To-Do List
 +  * Complains that Yellow Ink is low. Probably due to replace the cartridge
 +{{tag>[needs_maintenance needs_details]}}
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