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Vertical Bandsaw

Name Vertical Bandsaw
Owner Makers' Alliance
Location Shop Area
Training needed Yes
Hackable No
Model Bett-Marr 14S
Arrival Date 2018
Working No
Contact Sam Harmon

Current Status: Needs a lot of work, but does power up

Additional Information This was a donation from Akron Makerspace. It's a Bett-Marr 14S, vintage 1942-1956 (or maybe later?). Motor is dated 1986.

  • Needs power cord (12/3, as it's a 16 A motor) Fixed, though plug is 15A for now.
  • Should have a better power switch installed. A nice, emergency-stoppy one.
  • Probably needs a new belt - size?
  • There's sort-of a bodged welding job that needs to be ground off, have rust cleaned off and re-welded.
    • This has been worked around for now, but long-term should be fixed better
  • Blade should be replaced (note inside door says 95 1/2“ x 1/2” wide x 0.025“ thick)
  • Remove the light attachment - it's a mess and not helping anything
  • Add a guard to the belt/chain mechanism
  • Add a guard to the blade
  • extend the current guidepost to drop lower?
  • Table needs refinishing - rather rusty
  • A nice repainting on the body wouldn't hurt either.
  • New tires? Probably not a priority right now, but eventually?
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