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 +=====UV Curing Lamp=====
 +^Name| UV Curing Lamp|
 +^Owner | Makers'​ Alliance |
 +^Location | 3D Printing |
 +^Training needed| No|
 +^Hackable| No|
 +^Model| MelodySusie|
 +^Serial| UNKNOWN|
 +^Arrival Date| UNKNOWN|
 +^Working| Yes|
 +^Contact| Sam Harmon|
 +Current Status: Fully Functional
 +A UV lamp normally intended for gel nail polish, this device works pretty well for curing SLA 3D prints. It has a couple of timed modes - one is two minutes, the other 30 minutes. The 30 minute setting run a couple of times should be sufficient for curing most SLA prints.
 +May also be useful for UV glues and/or PCB exposure, but untested for these uses.
 +There is a spare UV bulb in with the SLA Printing Supplies.
 +{{tag>​[ ​   needs_details]}}
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