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-Testing+{{ :​wiki:​135-135.png?​200 |}} 
 +===== Cleveland Makers'​ Alliance ===== 
 +====How To Use This Wiki==== 
 +To prevent spam, your account has to be approved. Check [[wiki|This article]] for more details. 
 +===About Us=== 
 +The Makers'​ Alliance is a 501c3 nonprofit with the mission of helping the Makers of Greater Cleveland in their various endeavors. We provide a (approx. 1000 sq. ft) physical makerspace, access to tools and resources, and shared knowledge for people with interests in science, technology and art. 
 +===Finding Us=== 
 +Our physical location is at 5401 Hamilton Avenue, part of IngenuityLabs in the Hamilton Collaborative. 
 +===Joining Us=== 
 +Attending on a Tuesday is free & open to the public. Membership is $30/month, or $50/month for a household membership. Membership gets you 24/7 access to the space. See also: [[HOWTO Become a Member]]. 
 +===Getting In Touch With Us=== 
 +Our main method of communication is our [[mailing list]]. We also have a [[Slack]] team, and this [[wiki]]. 
 +Things you might find on this wiki: 
 +  *[[Meetings]] 
 +  *[[Equipment]] 
 +  *[[Projects]] 
 +  *[[Classes]] 
 +  *[[Rules and Regulations]] 
 +  *[[Frequently Asked Questions]] 
 +  *[[ToDo]] List 
 +  *The [[Wish List]], the [[Need List]] ​ and the [[Do Not Want List]] 
 +  *[[Equipment Proposals]] 
 +  *[[Sourcing Materials]] 
 +  *Stuff that is [[For Sale]] 
 +  *How to [[Donate]] 
 +  *[[HOWTO]]s of all shapes and sizes 
 +  *[[Timeline]] - an abbreviated history 
 +  *Mentions [[In The Media]] 
 +  *[[Move Punchlist]]
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