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-A propane torch, manufactured by Benz-O-Matic.+=====Propane Torch=====
-Commonly used for plumbing. +^Name| Propane Torch| 
 +^Owner | Makers' Alliance | 
 +^Location | Shop Zone | 
 +^Training needed| yes | 
 +^Hackable| no| 
 +^Model| Model Number| 
 +^Serial| Serial Number| 
 +^Arrival Date| 2014| 
 +^Working| yes | 
 +^Contact| Matt Hummel|
 Current status: Fully Functional.  Current status: Fully Functional. 
-Notes:+A propane torch, manufactured by Benz-O-Matic. 
 +Commonly used for plumbing. 
-  *It's a propane torch, What is there to say?+{{tag>[needs_detail]}}
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