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-Necchi Sewing Machine. ​Fairly old vintage.+=====Necchi Sewing Machine===== 
 +^Name| Necchi Sewing Machine| 
 +^Owner | Makers'​ Alliance | 
 +^Location | Textiles | 
 +^Training needed| yes| 
 +^Hackable| yes | 
 +^Model| BU| 
 +^Serial| U140197| 
 +^Arrival Date| 2015| 
 +^Working| yes| 
 +^Contact| Sam Harmon| 
 +Current Status: <​del>​Ran,​ but pedal mechanism did not start/stop. Needs electrical work.</​del>​FIXED 
 +1/29/2017 - Replaced badly decayed cord in plug/pedal mechanism. Seems to be working better. Pedal should probably have a base added. Plug part is now plugged into a cheapo surge protector that's kind of holding the whole thing together. Whole assembly should probably be reworked, but this will get it moving. Replacement motor/pedal might be a good idea too (already on hand, though lamp would have to be wired differently). 
 +Pedal works by taking hot of line, and running through one of 5 or six resistances,​ and back out to drive motor. 
 +8/5/2017 - Bobbin winding does work, though the lever needs to be lifted by hand when doing so. (only with Singer-style bobbins. Necchi(?​)-style bobbins seem to hold correctly... 
 +8/08/2017 - Laying a zigzag stitch was accomplished! Also printed out some threading instructions (very useful!) 
 +{{tag>​[needs_details needs_maintenance]}} 
-Current Status: Ran, but pedal mechanism did not start/stop. Needs electrical work. 
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