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April 2018 - We have moved from The Dealership to IngenuityLabs at the Hamilton Collaborative.

Things to do at Hamilton:

  • 120V 20A run - get 50' of 12/3, use L5-20 connector from John K. and set up a 4-outlet box by benches
  • Replace fluorescent light with LED (budget: $40/each for 3200 Lumen units)
    • Plan B- replace fluorescent tubes w/LED Drop-in replacements($7-10 each)
    • Plan C- Bob is getting some 8' 120V LED tubes???
  • Run ethernet cable to Soulcraft/AO router - coordinate before plugging anything in…
  • A stepstool to reach shelf tops? We'll have to better utilize shelf top space - no more empty boxes lining the shelves if we can help it…
  • Organize things where they should go - re-label shelves to indicate contents
  • Figure out what we're doing with the radio shack cabinets?
  • Set up audio system
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