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In February 2017, we're moving to another location within The Dealership


  • If you have big, unwieldy stuff that we don't have room for- MAKE IT GO AWAY.

Tasks remaining to be done:

  • Figure out which panel/breakers control the outlets along the wall.
    • Add one additional outlet, possibly additional boxes/outlets
    • for the one spot where a box could be easily added, a 4-outlet box would be nice.
  • Figure out what to do with the casting supplies - most stuff is stashed in the closet, refractory cement is still in the space.
  • Figure out what to do with the casting furnace
    • I would like to build a much smaller one using the refractory on hand.
  • Figure out which lights need to be replaced (3 bulbs?)
    • TVH have a source that can get replacement bulbs fairly cheap

Everything is moved. Some things still need to be installed/put in their appropriate place.

Things that would be useful to have:

  • 19“ rackmount shelves (a couple)
  • more caster-equipped benches for tools (miter saw, etc.)
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