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 +General Procedure:
 +  * Make design in VinylMaster Cut
 +    * You may want to cut a "​perimeter"​ of lines around the sticker, but scissors will work too...
 +  * Cut design on vinyl cutter
 +    * Alt-P in VinylMaster Cut
 +  * attach sticker to glass, perform weeding as necessary (removing bits of sticker where etching will occur)
 +    * The hobby knives are the most dangerous tool in the shop, so be careful!
 +  * (optional: add some masking tape above/below sticker to prevent unwanted etching)
 +  * At the Sandblaster:​
 +    * Practice blasts on one of
 +      - A sacrificial glass piece
 +      - A piece of rusty metal?
 +      - A random piece of acrylic or something? (this may be the best as you can cut out a piece of the mask?)
 +    * Blast the glass! Should only take a few seconds of blasting to etch the glass.
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