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Title: Build a Function Generator

Class Size: 5

Pre-requisites: Bring your own Altoids-sized mint tin or larger enclosure to house it

Minimum Age: 12 and up (under 16 must have parent present)

Cost: $20

This is a workshop to build your own function/signal generator.

The kit uses the XR2206 IC to produce sine, triangle and square waves in five ranges from 1 Hertz to 1 megahertz. Useful as a signal generator for electronics testing purposes, or an audio oscillator in the audible ranges, or maybe a low frequency oscillator for certain kinds of analog musical gear.

We'll also cover some oscilloscope basics, so you can see the output of your function generator on a screen!

The kit does include an engraved laser-cut clear acrylic case.

This kit requires a 9-12V power supply (not included, though we can provide parts to make a 9V battery adapter). The outputs are to screw terminals, and we can provide some 3.5mm jacks for the outputs if you want to hook it up to a speaker/synthesizer/etc. This class is intended for beginners in electronics and soldering, as well as some basic hand & power tools (hand metal punch, drill press)

No experience needed.

PROCEDURE Resistors:

  • R1 - 1K (brown-black-black-brown-brown)
  • R4 - 330 Ohm (orange-orange-black-black-brown)
  • R3,R5,R6 - 5.1K (green-brown-black-brown-brown)

IC Socket - Solder one pin first, and make any adjustments if necessary Ceramic Capacitors:

  • C2 - 0.1 uF (104)
  • C5 - 1 uF (105)
  • C6 - .047 uF (473)
  • C7 - .0022 uF (222)
  • C8 - .000010 uF (101)

Electrolytic Capacitors (WATCH POLARITY!!!) - Striped location on the silkscreen indicates the negative leg

  • C1 - 100 uF
  • C3, C4 - 10 uF

Headers - tack and align before soldering all pins!

  • J1/J2 - 4 pin
  • the big one - 10 pin

Power input - tack & align Screw Terminal - P1 - tack and align - make sure metal part is facing out! Pots - resistance labeled on the underside - they're also incredibly loose on the board, so tack & align! R2, R7 - 50K (B503) R8 - 100K (B104)

insert XR2206 IC test! build the enclosure

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