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 +=====Dust Collection Cart=====
 +^Name| Dust Collection Cart|
 +^Owner | Makers'​ Alliance |
 +^Location | Wood Shop |
 +^Training needed| No|
 +^Hackable| No|
 +^Model| Hoover/​Homemade|
 +^Serial| N/A|
 +^Arrival Date| 2018|
 +^Working| Yes|
 +^Contact| Ian|
 +Current Status: Fully Functional
 +The Dust Collection Cart consists of the following components:
 +  * A Hoover Whole-House Vacuum system
 +  * A Cyclone collector
 +  * (at present) a 5 gallon bucket
 +  * random PVC plumbing and hose connecting the two
 +Upgrades needed:
 +  * improved grounding. It's pretty static inducing at present
 +  * improved collection (5 gallon bucket has a tendency to implode?- trash can?)
 +{{tag>​[ ​   needs_details]}}
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