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     *[[Drawdio-Theremin]]     *[[Drawdio-Theremin]]
     *[[LM386 Amplifier]]     *[[LM386 Amplifier]]
 +    *[[Vidiffektor]]
 +    *[[TV-B-Gone]]
 +    *[[Function Generator]]
   *More advanced electronics projects   *More advanced electronics projects
     *[[Cigar Box Synthesizer]]     *[[Cigar Box Synthesizer]]
 +    *[[Introduction to the Internet of Things]]
 +    *[[Old-School Breadboarding]] - an electronics class that features a lot of hammering, and maybe a planer?
 +  *Non-electronics:​
 +    * [[Glassware Etching]]
 +    * [[Pen Turning]]
   *[[Maker Curriculum]]   *[[Maker Curriculum]]
   *[[Shop Safety 101]]   *[[Shop Safety 101]]
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     *[[Printmaking with the Shapeoko CNC Router]] ​     *[[Printmaking with the Shapeoko CNC Router]] ​
   *[[3D CAD/​Design]]   *[[3D CAD/​Design]]
-  *[[Rain Barrel Workshop]]+  *<del>[[Rain Barrel Workshop]]</​del>​
   *[[Class Template]] - to add your own classes   *[[Class Template]] - to add your own classes
 Something you'd like to see or teach? Add it! Something you'd like to see or teach? Add it!
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